Our Top 5 Mama-to-Be Beauty Products

April 1, 2014

Once I found out I was pregnant, I knew right away my body was going to need much more moisture.I think every pregnant women hears the same tales- "If you scratch were it itches you'll create stretch marks!" So obviously, I was, and still I'm, terrified to scratch. My mom and sister kept reminding me not to scratch my legs, stomach, or breast whenever they became itchy, and let me tell you it's hard, but I managed not to scratch. I had a normal small beauty routine before I was pregnant- moisturizer, body wash, and Nivea's Skin Firming lotion with Q10. Now, to those 3 items, I've added 5 more items- that luckily my preggo brain did not let me forget to use everyday.

1. I started getting some back acne, not only because it was hot, but because I was a walking "sun" as well. I would be so hot, and then pissed because I was hot; then stress out, that my back would start to burst in acne. This helped tremendously, but I will add that I also stopped stressing and started using loose clothing-especially linens.

2. This is the first purchase I made in my pregnancy. I use it right out of the shower, and rub it in around my breast, belly, thighs, and derriere. It left my skin moisturized and silky, and as well, I think, did not allow my linea negra to get so dark. I would use this at least twice or three times a day.

3. This was magical to use for nice soaks and bathes. Whenever I wanted just to feel calm, relaxed, clean, and soft- because I was always peeved. (hello! pregnancy's in the summer are cute for fashion, but not cute for the hormones.) This really has a great scent, and I would take some of the salts and rub them on my problem areas.

4. My! what a dark neck I got during my pregnancy, luckily it's back to normal; but during my pregnancy this was my to-go-to item to use under the small stretch marks that did appear on my sides, my linea negra, and on my darker neck. I used this only once a day after I showered. It tingled a little, but did the job!

5. My cannot live without lotion! I rubbed this on my arms, legs, belly, anywhere I didn't want dark patches and stretch marks. I swear to this day, my son is four months now, this kept my arms skinny and toned throughout my pregnancy and now. So, obviously I am still using this, because it not only tones, but helped me out with loss of moisture around my belly and sides.

My son is four months now. I have very little stretch marks, my neck is back to normal color, my back is clear, and I'm 5 pounds away from being my pre-baby weight; but, during times when he smiles, and cuddles with me all those things fade away, because I feel beautiful and fulfilled to have given birth to my own little miracle. So, if you hate your stretch marks and your weight, just be patient they will leave, and make sure to treasure this time with your bundle of joy, instead of going crazy over your body.

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