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May 22, 2014

Featured Mama Writer Ashley Fludd with Daughter Malia.

“Super mom," we’ve all heard this phrase runneth over; and, you’re probably guilty of using this phrase. I’m probably sounding a bit hateful towards the word, but that’s not the case at all. It actually appropriately embodies mothers: married or not- we are pretty super. Our ability to balance new life with our own is pretty darn impressive; but,  I don’t think it’s necessarily a phrase that’s needed. Why? Because it’s what we do, we ARE Moms! Ask any woman that’s been blessed enough to become a mother and we think nothing of the late nights, early mornings, and dinged clothes from spit up.

The moment your child is brought into this world a light switch cuts on and you’re in mom mode already. Now, you are ready to knock over any woman for a sale on items you've been eyeing for weeks for your baby. Let’s be honest money is now officially tight and there’s no way in heaven or earth you’ll be passing up on 40% off, move it chick. There’s a flush of understanding and sacrifice that washes over you from the first time you see them and you know there isn’t a thing that can get between you and this blessing.

I’m the mother of a three year old that has my life wrapped around her fingers, and a soon to be mother to a Libra that will bless us with her presence on September 29, 2014. Although, I’ve danced this dance before there is a part of me that is petrified to go through labor all over again. I mean, that crap hurts! But the part of me that is overwhelmed with joy and excitement trumps the nervousness. I’m not sure what I’ve done to be lucky enough to bring two little girls into this world, but I’m humbled by it all. Watching my daughter grow and continue to be an extension of me forces me to be a better woman, not even a better mother. The greatness of the woman that I am will bleed into my mothering and then, well I’ll probably take over the world.

I also don’t want to give a false idea that motherhood is only this positive spiritual awakening. There are intense moments of wondering ‘what the hell is going on in my life?’ These moments stem from being a full time working mother raising her daughter basically on a single status. I say single, because although my daughters’ father is there and we are together, he works insane hours and we aren’t legally married. (We’ll save that drama for another article.) So, juggling becomes stressful and makes for a tense relationship at times. My advice to any other woman in this situation: perspective. Yes, it’s only one word, but it makes a world of a difference. I’ve come from a very dark place of “baby mama anger” and I’ve learned to look at my life in the positive light of what I have and what I need to do in order to continue to be positive. It might sound kind of dumb, and I can imagine a reader looking at it to say “yea right”, but trust me- it works. Your current situation won’t change without your positive action, focus on the word “positive”. They say, “trust me I’m a doctor!” well, “trust me, I’m a mom!”

I blabber on and on to say this, we are not “Super Moms." We are women that do what we’re supposed to do- with no handbook on hand, just instincts.  If that makes me “super," well then I’ll take the title; but, my goal is to simply raise the best women I can, and hope they go on and be more than the woman they’ve made me.

*Written by featured writer and awesome Mama Ashley Fludd. 

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