June 21, 2014

*Annie gave birth on November 17th, 2013 to a happy baby boy! We decided to still post this post because it coincides with the mama-to-be beauty article.

I’m a movie and book fanatic, and sometimes the way pregnancy is portrayed makes it more fairy tale than it is in reality.

I found out I was expecting at 9 weeks. I think what gave it away was not a missing period, because I was on birth control-going through a switch of brands stage, but my sore breast. I thought maybe the switching of birth control was giving me these side effects, and I was not happy. I’m a stomach sleeper, at times, and they were so sore I couldn’t even lie on them, or let alone touch them. The night before I found out, I had gone drinking, if I remember the maximum I had was two glasses of Jameson neat, and two glasses of wine while watching the season finale of Pretty Little Liars. The next morning, I woke up miserable, and I didn’t even drink as much as I know I’m capable of. I decided to go to a discount store around my neighborhood where they sell $1 pregnancy test. I just told myself, “what if you are not pregnant and just went ahead and spent $20 dollars on a EPT test?” Luckily, I had $4 loose singles and change- I bought four of those suckers! As I walked home, I pondered- “what if it’s positive?” and “am I ready?” I got home, and went straight to pee in a plastic cup, I opened the pregnancy packet, which came with one of those liquid injectors, and squirted a small amount into the slot on the test. I waited, what seemed to be eternity, three minutes, and you guessed it- positive! All of them were positive, even the $18 dollar pregnancy test my sister purchased for me later that day.

So, here I was, pregnant and not knowing how the father would react to the news. I sent him a picture of the test results, and he thought I was pranking him- let’s say I had pranked him before with a fake test about two years ago, so obviously he was skeptical.

Time goes by and we go to an actual OB/GYN, and they take a pregnancy test, which comes out positive- again, and I start my every four-week check-ups. My boyfriend at this point knows it real, and now, we both panic on how to break it to the folks.

When I first saw a sonogram of my baby, I was speechless. It was so tiny, and just a little peanut. My beau and I couldn’t help but to just tear up a bit. We made a little magical creature.

As the weeks pass by, I start to wonder, “Why do I look like Shrek?” My hair, instead of looking long and lustrous as some of my pregnancy books and other mamas-to-be said it would look like, looked like a brillo pad. My brown locks have become dull and lifeless, and my scalp- an itchy and flaky mess. The more I stressed about it, the more I became prone to breakout, and not just on my face, but my chest and back. Instead of stressing about it, like I was for at least two weeks, I decided to do something about it. I started putting leave in masques and conditioners regularly on my hair. I also smoothed in jojoba oil, and coconut oil onto my scalp- with the wonderful help of my beau. The two oils combined really relieved the itchy scalp I was enduring. As for my acne, well once I stopped stressing my face cleared up, but my back didn’t. I decided to go back to using my Neutrogena Grapefruit body wash, which has been helping tremendously. I also used a sugar scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells- which can also lead to acne.

Did I mention how I don’t sleep, because I pee all night long? Yeah, I’m a pee monster. I get up at least 4 times a night to pee; lately it’s been twice, because I cut back on drinking water or tea before bedtime. My gums are another story. I brush twice daily, floss, and gargle non-alcoholic Crest mouthwash, and the day that I forget to do this twice is the day my gums decide to bleed on their own. My OB said it’s normal for some women, and that I can get checked at the dentist, but all I can get is a cleaning- won’t miss that appointment!

Right now, as I am writing this, I am 18 weeks. Starting to show my baby bump, and I’m starting to feel content. My boyfriend is beyond happy, and my biggest supporter- and sometimes the reason I can’t have Cheetos and grilled cheese all the time.

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