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July 4, 2014

Every mom and expecting mom has their notion on what they think is best for their child, and they should! I know that when I was an expecting mother, I read articles and forums day in and day out until I finally came across products I was comfortable with my baby using. Now, that he's 6 months, I've got a steady routine on what products I feel and see are best for him. I will try to name a few in this article, and don't think I'm biased to organic products, because I'm not, but to be honest some organic products (not all) just seem to fit better into me and my child's life, and that can be totally different for you.

1. Johnson's Baby Powder with soothing aloe and vitamin e. I can't live without this powder. I use it on my baby's bum, and literally everywhere else. It's so soft and gentle on his skin. I usually put a generous amount on the palm of my hand and rub the powder in every fold and crevasse on my baby's body- especially on his neck rolls and underarms. It leaves him feeling refreshed and cool, and how do I know this? because I see it in his comforting smile.

2. Now Lavender Oil. I love this product because it's so light and natural, and it calms my fussy baby on those days when I think I might rip my hair right off. I put about 3 to 4 drops on my index finger and rub on his temple and some on his hair, and I swear it calms him like magic. I also add drops to his bedtime bath and in about 5 minutes after he is out of the bath he is knocked out on his bed.

3. Johnson's Baby Lotion. I mean why not use the lotion that started it all? I know some moms don't like this lotion- I read some forums here and thee bashing it, but to defend it they changed their formula and removed the 2% of bad stuff it contained. My mom used this lotion on me, and I just couldn't let go of the smell and smoothness it left my skin, and now how it leaves my son's skin. At first, I was not going to use this lotion, because I was going organic baby crazy; but, organic failed me on this one. i tried at least 4 organic lotions on my baby- I will not name, and they all made his skin scaly and break out in rashes. I then caved in and slathered him in this lotion and the Johnson's baby powder, and I swear his skin cleared up in 3 days! Don't mess with the original mamas, it's the best!

4. Babyganics Toy & Highchair Cleaner. I bought this because I was tired of picking up the toys around the house and leaving them to soak, and then throughly cleaning them. I'm a neat freak when it comes to something I know is going into my son's mouth. This product is by far the best. I just spray on his toys and wipe off, and I just know it's safe and clean again. I have used BabyGanics products from the beginning of my motherhood journey (detergent, stain spot remover, and dryer sheets,) and I love the company. All their products are top organic products in the biz right now.

5. Honest Conditioning Detangler. My son has curly hair, and yes, I'm jealous of him. I have limp, wavy hair, and he gets the curls. Anyways, sometimes his hair just gets tangled, especially on the sides he sleeps on. I came about this product at BuyBuyBaby while shopping for a walker, and immediately bought it. It leaves his curls so soft, extra bouncy, and tidy, and it's so easy to detangle after I spray about two pumps. Take a look: http://instagram.com/p/py394YryBT

6. Orajel Naturals. I know a lot of moms don't like Orajel, but I do! It's been a lifesaver! I can tell when my son's gums itch, and when I notice I rub a bit right on his gums and voila! he starts to calm down and just suck on his binky again. Before I tried the naturals though, I tried the original with benzocaine, and it worked a lot faster and honestly better, but I switched because I didn't want to depend on it and somehow overdose my son. The naturals is just as good!

Hopefully this list of products helps all you awesome mamas out there!

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