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September 16, 2014

While visiting my father in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I, came across this cute little shop named "My Brooklyn Baby." I literally went in because they had a sign that read "breastfeeding is welcome here." I didn't really think we were going to come out buying things, but we did. The store was so cute and perfect from within. It was organized so perfectly that we were able to find exactly what we were missing in our baby's life. I love that the store caters to newborns to 4 years old, because going into bigger chain stores gets overwhelming, and sometimes you come out buying something your baby won't need until he's much older. At my Brooklyn baby, they also carry organic items, that you know the store owner has carefully picked out herself and definitely read what is best for mothers wanting to raise organic babies. I must say I will be visiting my dad more often now!

We got 4 essentials that we really needed for our son, Shiloh. Which were:

1. I needed a sippy cup, because honestly, I couldn't handle him pulling my shirt down and yelling "teta" whenever he was thirsty. We had one, but got misplaced, and the back up one we had he hated. This Kidbasix Sippy cup is heaven sent, because it has two different valves to switch up the intensity of his sips, and also an extra valve to put on for no slips when it's in the diaper bag or purse. We put the slow flow valve whenever he uses it to nap, and the fast flow valve when he eats. I love that it has handles too, but not only do I love it, but my baby does too!

2. I recently had thrown all his bath toys away, because even though they said mold resistant, they got mold; and, I just couldn't let him play with molded toys. This toy my boyfriend picked out. It's good to have Daddy's input in all baby related things, which is why we bought it. Shiloh loves this toy because it floats in the bath, and the fins are rubber which is gets to chew on.

3. Shiloh has crazy curls, which I have to comb everyday. I use the Honest Company leave-in conditioner spray, but was looking for something that I can also use while I wash his hair, and the California Baby leave-in conditioner is the gold! I put about a dollop of it on my hand and rub it into his hair, I leave in it for about 3 minutes, and then I brush out his nats, then finally, I rinse out a little bit of it and leave in the rest. His hair stays frizz free and nat free for 2 days, and trust me thats a lot!

4. I've been wanting to try these necklaces, because I've read mothers raving about the benefits, and how it's opened up their babies chest and made it so easy on their teething. Oh boy! They were right! Shiloh just got his first two teeth just a month ago, he will be 10 months on the 17th. Before the necklace he was a cranky wanker, waking up every 2 hours to rip apart my breast. Now, he's calmer and easier to deal with. Yes, I said easier to deal with, because babies are sometimes hard to handle. I love this teething necklace! 

If you are in the Fort Greene area check My Brooklyn Baby out at:

692 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY. 11217
Open 10am-7pm

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