How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party: Black, Gold, and Pink Theme

September 22, 2014

My sister's 29th birthday was this past weekend, September 19th. I had been planning a surprise dinner, and activities for the past month and a half. I was highly preoccupied with planning the dinner, because I know how much she loves theme parties and decorations. While also trying to plan what to do after the dinner, I just decided to have a black, gold, and pink theme. Obviously, the only way to plan it well was to Pinterest! At first, I had a private board, now it is public, where I pinned all the ideas on what and how to make the dinner look and feel spectacular. I did get a little overwhelmed, but she was highly impressed and happy about the whole night.

What I did was personally have a budget, and really try not to exceed it. My budget for food and decoration was $100. Also, when I went into Target or Deals I had lists of what I was going in exactly for, you can get easily distracted in both those places and end up buying unnecessary things! So, if you want my method, first is budget, theme, Pinterest, and lists- a whole bunch of them!

I got most of the decorations from Target, and Deals. My budget was $50 for decoration, and I hit the mark! I was able to get trays, mason jars, plastic champagne cups, balloons, table cover, tongs, and streamers for a dollar each at my local Deals store. At Target, I was able to purchase a few of the OhJoy! collection, which was perfectly black and gold. I purchased at least 4 of the OhJoy! collection items, which were $3.99 each or so. I also got little cupcake banners, and a birthday banner- all was chalk writable. I was really happy with all my purchases, and felt like I was going to have a respectable looking table for dinner.

The dinner started at 6, and was only suppose to last until 8, because I had another surprise for her at 10pm, which was a burlesque show at The Slipper Room in the lower east side. We all got highly preoccupied with too much champagne, and pizza. Yes, it was suppose to be a dinner, but it was a dinner built for Gaby, which I made sure to include all her favorite foods; which insisted of- pizza, lobster mac and cheese balls, corndogs, chicken wings, and candy loads and loads of candy! (Twizzlers, Skittles, Hershey's Kisses, and Haribo Peach candy.)

The night continued to The Slipper Room...

then 200 Orchard...

then lastly to the best place of all Katz Deli! 

Thanks for reading! Also, Happy Birthday Gaby!... Again.

If you want to check out my Pinterest board for the Birthday Theme just Click below!

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