HGTV Magazine: Revamping an Ordinary Painting

November 25, 2014

We happened to buy the November issue of HGTV magazine, and came upon a lot of awesome DIY home projects. We decided to give this one a go, since we had a Paris painting laying around the apartment. In the article, they print out letters onto label paper, and place on top of painting. Then the last step is to paint, and let dry. Here is the link: HGTV Make and Celebrate

In the link you will find the instructions and a link to their downloadable letters file. It's a breeze, so get ready to liven up all of those old paintings you have laying around in the attic or in your guest bedroom. 

First, pick an old painting. Here's mine:

Print out the letters onto label paper, and place on top of painting:

Make sure the letters are aligned, so have blue tape handy. All that is left is to paint. Then voila! 

Let it dry, and feel free to hang by an entry way if it's a welcoming sign, or any place in your home that needs to be livened up.


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