Keeping the Romance Alive

May 19, 2015

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Whether you have a year into a relationship or six years in like me it's hard to keep the romance alive, and spontaneity. Especially when a child comes in the picture, because both parents have to devote half of their time to their child, and the other half to shower/relax; but then, where does that leave time for your significant other?

Well you just have to make time! Even if it's an hour at 3:00 in the morning, or face-timing during your break at work. Time needs to be made!

I don't have the golden relationship, but my boyfriend and I try really hard to keep the spice in our lives, and we follow some simple rules; and because I'm feeling the love, I will be sharing them, and hopefully they will work for any of you mamas out there!

1. Facetime- At first, this was hard I was a devotee to Android phones- Samsung S4, then during Xmas I was gifted an IPhone 6, and my life changed. HA! During our break time, we each have different schedules, we just grab lunch and really talk about our day, and try hard not to mention Shiloh, our son, because then our whole conversation will be about him, because he's just the best! We talk about how our lunch taste, how work is going, plans for the future, or mostly jokes.

2. Hotel Tonight- It's a lovely app, that allows you to snag last minute deals at Hotels around the country. The beau and I live in New York, and we've done this about 4 times. We just book a room with the app, at a super reasonable amount, and enjoy alone time until check out. We even got a great deal once, and stayed at The New York Palace! We order room service, pig out, obviously have sex! I mean you may be thinking I could do this at home, but it truly is different to just have a getaway for one night, and just detach from the norm. If you decide to download the app, which you should, you can get $25 off with my promo code, ahuaraca1.

3. Family Time- Sometimes we can't afford the babysitter, or our family members are all busy. So, we all get ready on our days off, and truck around the city. We go to Central Park, Shake Shack, Shopping, or walk on the HighLine. Even with Shiloh, we try to really connect all together, which is key.

4. Sex- We try to squeeze it in whenever it's possible, and that means when Shiloh is quietly asleep and we both put our alarms at 1:00 am, when he is sound asleep, and we get it on! Sometimes it's hard on me, because I just get so overwhelmed working, writing, being a mother, cooking and cleaning, but I try my absolute best to do this for us. Sex is not everything in a relationship, but it is a necessity. If you lose the passion, and heat between each other it's hard to keep the relationship alive at times.

5. Netflix- We have a queue dedicated to Horror movies. Once Shiloh is asleep, and we have the next day off, we junk out and just stay up watching all types of gory horror films. Especially, Japanese and Korean flicks that are just absolutely the best at gore and scaring the shit out of me. Ha!

I probably don't know the essential keys to a relationship, but for my relationship these key factors work! We do have our occasional spats were he wants to kill me or I want to kill him, but we go into different rooms cool off, and try to make the best of it! We have a huge rule not to scream or yell around our son, and trust me it's hard, but it's an important factor in our relationship and lives to be civil for our relationship and our son.

Hope this helps mamas!



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