Governor's Ball 2015

June 9, 2015

We decided to attend Governor's Ball this year, but just Sunday, because we are die hard Lana Del Rey fans. Never attending a festival before, and then attending Governor's Ball left me so beat. Right after, I wanted to soak in a warm bath for like two hours, then sleep for like 18 hours. None of this happened though because our sleep got to us, and we have mama duties. i.e. School for Michael, and casting calls for Shiloh.

Us being first time festival attendees decided to wear cute shoes. That didn't last! Thank god we brought pairs of sneakers in our bags.

Echosmith performing at the GovBallNYC Stage.

This is probably the only picture of food that was taken. Honestly we devoured everything and enjoyed it, but here is this delicious funnel cake and Miller Lite.

Big Gigantic Performing at the Honda Stage

Our Selfies after surviving panic attacks waiting for Lana to perform. We were actually waiting for her at the Honda Stage since around 4:30pm. After watching A-Trak, and Big Gigantic perform and end at 8pm, the crowd got super hectic. We were almost by the front, by the left of the stage. We thought we were going to have epic Lana pics to take, but then I (Annie) had to pee, and when I got back and tried to push my way back in, I saw my sister (Gaby), and Sister in Law rushing out of the mob. Panic attacks are a bitch at a festival! Especially around pushing, crazy Lana Del Rey fans. We were able to find a good spot anyway, and enjoyed it crushed, but panic attack free.

Lana Del Rey Performing "Blue Jeans" at the Honda Stage.

Watching most of the artist perform at this year's Governor's Ball was so epic! Especially Lana! Food, drinks, hanging out, and friends is the anecdote to a good festival. Also, we kept feeling bad for not bringing Shiloh & Mikey, but then we saw some kids and how miserable the parents looked, and then it was safe to say festivals like these aren't meant for the kiddos!

xoxo, NYOMamas

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