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July 29, 2015

I've written about Shiloh's curly hair before, but before, I wasn't so knowledgable about curly hair as I am now. Also, I can truly say it's a job on it's own to keep curls fresh and springy. I don't have naturally curly hair like my son, Shiloh, but my sister does, and most of my friends. So, I asked around a lot, tried a whole lot of products- some failed, some worked, and finally at 19 months, I have discovered the best products for Shiloh's hair. 

I used to use the Honest Company's hair de-tangler, but honestly, I didn't want to order it online, and it kept getting sold out and harder to find at Target and Buy Buy Baby.

Now, I use products by Shea Moisture, Curls, California Baby, and Karen's Body Beautiful. I don't like washing his curls with shampoo too often, which is why you may see a lot of leave in conditioners, and co-washes on my list. From what I read, and tried, shampooing too much leaves his hair dry and shine less. 

I'll start off with the California Baby Calming Hair Conditioner. I use this on Shiloh's hair only during bedtime, and not everyday! On nights when he is too fussy the lavender calms him right down and takes him right to sleepy town. Also, on nights when his hair is too tangled, I put a generous amount on the palm of my hand and rub on each of his curls and smooth out. We comb his hair into multiple buns and let him sleep it out. In the morning, curls are fresh, intact, and smell amazing! What I love about it, is if I use too much as a leave in, I can easily wash it out and it leaves his hair silky, shiny, and bouncy.

I use Shea Moisture's Curl & Style Milk for everyday use on Shiloh's hair. Either on damp, dry or wet hair it works brilliantly. I use a generous amount and rub it on the palm of my hand then onto his hair. I try and coat each curl as much as possible, and the back curls the most- it's where it gets the frizziest when he naps or lays down. It literally just revives his hair, and it leaves it with the most shine. I try and stock up on this when I can, because it's amazing, and I use it as a conditioner on Shiloh's hair when we travel. 

When I have to wash Shiloh's hair cause he threw his plate of rice and beans over his hair, I only use Shea Moisture's Raw Shea Chamomile Baby Shampoo. It's the perfect mixture for his curls, and his body. I love that it's also a body wash, so we use it everyday, even though we only wash his hair about once or twice a month- if he get's too dirty! I tried many other baby shampoos and this is the only one that he has actually enjoyed on his head, and the smell always makes him go "mmmm, yummy." Which to him means "good." We also stock up on this cause we use it for his body as well, and let me tell you just the most gentle feel on his skin. He's had allergic reactions to others, but this hits the jackpot for kids curly or not!

Shiloh's hair can get really knotty when he sleeps, or when he yanks on it. When I don't need to wash it, and need help detangling the hair. I use the Curls Coconut Curladd as a detangler on his wet hair or on his dry hair. If I use on dry hair, I part his hair into four parts and put them into four little buns. He stays like this for about a day, and the next day I squeeze a bit of the Curls Conditioner on my palm and detangle each section. It leaves the hair looking super neat and shiny. If I use on wet hair, I normally leave it on for 5 minutes to help really deep condition, then I commence the unknotting. I love Curls products because you can feel the difference with big name brands. This feels so clean and natural on Shiloh's hair.

Shea Moisture Co-wash Conditioner is my go to wash for Shiloh's hair. I know I mentioned I use their shampoo as well, but that is more of a body wash to us then a shampoo, and second to this. If we run out of this- because my son and boyfriend both use it, we use the Shea moisture shampoo. But this is ultimately the go to , because it cleanses and softens Shiloh's hair so nicely without leaving it feeling harsh and soapy. It perfectly coats his curls, and it shines for days because of this product. 

We use Karen's Body Beautiful Leave-in conditioner once every week or so. Since I don't want to over saturate his curls, but need to liven them up before his auditions, or before family events, I use this leave-in conditioner sparsely around his face curls, and back curls. It smells amazing, and I don't really need to fuzz much with his hair for about 4 days when I use this on them. 

When Shiloh's hair needs a little pick me up during the week, I just spritz Curls Moisturizer/2nd day Curl Refresher all over his head. I also add this same step to when I detangle his hair dry with the Curls Coconut Curladd conditioner. It livens up his curls, and makes them luxurious. Each curl is shiny and revived. Best Moisturizer and refresher spray! I even use it on my hair, which isn't curly, and it helps create shine and beautiful waves. 

Thanks for reading! Hope the readers can tweak and nip some of the ways we care for Shiloh's hair. May seem like a lot of products, but each has it's own use, and each has beautiful results!


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