Potty Training: Part Two

July 2, 2015

So, it's on to week 3 or 4 on potty training. It's all a blur! Shiloh has peeing in the toilet down pact! We leave him naked, or with a shirt on, and he lets us know when he has to "peepee." We say "corre corre," and he runs fast towards the bathroom and awaits to be helped to sit on his seat. To help him adjust to using the toilet, we each took turns having him see us use the bathroom. When he watched his cousin, Mikey- who's 7, it just clicked! Shiloh knew that the toilet meant potty business. 

Our problem now is the poop part. Little guy poops on average twice a day. Mostly both, being in the morning. Either he wakes up and poops, so it's right in his diaper, or he runs around for an hour or so, and boom mama finds poop on the floor and Shiloh yelling "poopoo" and "eww."

Yeah, that's my son's poop on the floor! ( That's not glass, but plastic off a toy Shiloh decided was better in pieces.)  

I wish I had snapped a picture of me dreading to pick it up, but it was actually really funny. What I've had to do now is sit him on the potty for about 15 minutes and talk to him about "poopoo," and how it should go in the toilet. I know he probably doesn't fully understand, but he does get the concept that the bodily functions go in the toilet, which is excellent in my book. I also try to make it fun for him, as I let him flush the toilet on his own, and help him wash his hands- which is his favorite part by the way. Sometimes, tricking them with water is the way to get things done with toddlers. 

 Shiloh listening to Mama go on about potty etiquette.

Shiloh got the pee part down pact pretty quickly, well, after we decided to take it serious on the 2nd week. So, I'll see if the poop part will be the same, if not, I'll obviously document it! I know after he gets both down, it's probably the harder part, which is to teach him to tell me when he has to go with his undies or diaper on, instead of just going in them. FYI- we tried undies and he peed on them. Too soon!

Till next time,

NYOMamas, Annie

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