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September 3, 2015

Hey, what's up everyone. My name is Juan, I'm Annie's partner in crime and the proud Pop of baby Shi. Most recently, I've had some extra time on my hands. Waiting on being called on to work for about a week or so, but mostly, I work at the most important thing. Providing the same stability in our home as my beautiful gal Annie has been working so hard to create. What better time to get on board!

In the past two weeks, Annie has returned to work. Since then, we've been struggling to keep up with conflicting schedules. For the first week of her return my parents were kind enough to watch over our munchkin. While I worked on mornings and Annie worked well into the afternoon. As of last week, I've been put on call for work. So needless to say I've been spending more time at home with Shi and his "bro bro" Mikey. 

Since then staying at home hasn't exactly been easy. Though the work load may be vast, the feeling of being helpful makes it all enjoyable.  I must also say that although I have expressed my appreciation before it doesn't quite compare to actually keeping up with a home. The chores to be done in a stable home aren't to be looked over in the least.  With that being said, I now have a better understanding and much more love and appreciation to the woman that has flawlessly kept it all together over the years. You're the reason why I push forward and am able get through the roughest patches of the day. 

Anyway here are just some of the ways the little ones and I have past our time together:



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