Mary- Work in Progress

February 17, 2016

I've been writing this short story for a bit now, writing, editing, and tweaking narrative and character development. I have gotten the gist of my beginning, middle, and ending. I just have to give enough time to sit down and dust it off. So far, I have, I think a decent chapter. So, I want our readers to help me continue on with this short story. I am willing to take any constructive criticism, and anything that you think might help my story progress. I really want to finish it before this year it up. Ha! I want to add another 2 or 3 chapters to complete Mary's story, and unmask her past and future. Here's a glimpse:

Summary: Mary, a grim and unapologetic woman, must face the mysteries of her youth to overcome her looming death.
I'm late as usual. "Get off my fucking bed, and leave!"Now, that's better! Who needs a one night stand that lingers? There's only one everything bagel in the pantry, and not enough cream cheese to share with what's his name. Can you believe cream cheese molding isn't so bad? Just scrap off the green and voila! Okay, enough of this! 

"Hey can I squeeze in there?"
Getting a seat on the subway has become a game of survival of the fittest. There's no rules anymore. There's no courtesy. No one gives a fuck if you've been standing by the ever elusive yellow line by 7:50AM. They will literally come from behind you, on their 7:59AM ass, and scavenger a seat down before you can even take a breath. Hey, but that's New York for ya! Great! My stop!

To read the complete chapter on Inkitt please click here: Mary

Please, also, be gentle!



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