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February 6, 2016

Sometimes it gets so difficult to keep up with family members and friends- while also being a mom, working, and trying to live for yourself. Whenever I get too overwhelmed, I remember I have a smart phone, and I can practically get anything done with apps nowadays. So, this post is dedicated to the most recent Apps we have been coveting at NYOMamas, that have helped us with our kids, keeping up with friends/family, and have some couple time.

1. INK Cards

We go months without seeing some family members, and we feel horrible about it! Whenever I want them to keep up to date with the kids, I make sure to send them postcards using the INK card app. Since I have an abundance of pictures on my phone, it's easy to pick a decent one, and choose from there many ready made postcards for any occasion! The latest one we sent was a Valentine's Day one. We buy the packs in bulk, which is actually more affordable when you plan on sending postcards often. The app is so quick and easy to use, because it let's you save you credit card or paypal info, and allows you to have a contact list of people you will send to the most.

Click Here to download from the App Store.

2. Couple

Even seeing your significant other everyday doesn't mean you are interacting with them. Sometimes it's so hard between work and kids, that romancing each other goes out the window. Well this app, has literally brought back the vomit inducing cuteness back into our relationship. Your partner and you can send thumbkisses to each other, draw things together or for each other, send pictures, and video chat. This is all done through the app, and all the cuteness is saved on the app, where you can always go back to see all the things you have shared. It also keeps important dates saved, that way there are no arguments on who forgot the anniversary date of when you both farted in front of each other. 

Click Here to download from the AppStore. 

3. YouTube Kids

So, you are at a doctor's appt, or you couldn't find someone to watch your kid, and you are forced to take him to the office with you, and he's being a jerk, and you are about to cry of anger! You open up your phone to YouTube Kids and find his favorite Mr. Bean the animated series episode, fill him up with snacks and he's quiet for at least 2 hours! Yeah, this is why I would recommend this app. It keeps him away from finding unwanted videos that have curse words in the common YouTube app, and he just enjoys kid videos. I love that he's been watching the Pink Panther, OG Mickey Mouse, and Mr. Bean, because it has made him less of a dick. (I know I called my son a dick, but sometimes all the cuteness is overshadowed by his grumpy attitude.) 

Click Here to download YouTube Kids.



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