Easter Bags for the Kiddos

March 22, 2016

Easter is around the corner, and like most- I hope, I'm confused as why Easter is on the end of March instead of beginning of April? Anyone? Well, moving on! We wanted to do some nice, but affordable Easter bags for the kids to enjoy on Easter Sunday. I had already gotten some Hershey chocolate eggs, sour Ring Pops, Pastel Lollipops, Hollow chocolate bunnies, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and pastel colored Sixlets from DollarTree. I spent about $7 dollars at DollarTree for the pastel colored candy. I moved on to Target, the holy grail! I found this specific section where they have a bunch of $1 to $5 items. They had bunny stickers for $1, little chick erasers for $1, Easter notepads for $1, Bunny tote bags for $3, Fuzzy Sticks for $1, and cool shades for $1/each. We got two of each, and a dozen blue pastel eggs for $1 as well! My budget was $20 for two Easter bags, and I went about $5 dollars over my limit, but was still very affordable for two kids to enjoy!

So, if you still haven't gathered your Easter bags for the tots, run to DollarTree and Target and make those grins shine on Easter Sunday.

Candy Galore 

Fuzzy Sticks to make a Bunny and a Carrot.

Bunny Tote for $3



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