Getting Baby to Sleep Using Johnson's® Tonight We Sleep™ 7-day Challenge

April 5, 2016

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I think I can speak for most mom's when I say bedtime for some babies/toddlers is pretty rough- at times. There are some nights when Shiloh is a doll to put to sleep, and there are some nights I want to pull my hair out. Sleep for adults and children is a very big necessity. Sleep for the little ones is essential because that is when they grow and develop the most. Sleep allows them to physically, emotionally, and cognitively grow. All of this helps with memory support, being active, and less tantrums. When I learned about Johnson's® Tonight We Sleep™7-day Challenge, I jumped to the test to try something to help with Shiloh's sleepless nights. I was very skeptical at first, because I've been trying for month's to fix Shiloh's sleep routine. I always start his bedtime around 8 pm, and then we would either read a book or watch one episode of Mr. Bean- the animated series. At times, he would sleep through the night, but most times he would wake up twice a night and want to come into our bed. It was a challenge, but we took it with positivity and a lot of patience.

To begin, I downloaded the Johnson's® Bedtime® Baby Sleep App. If you want to start the challenge as well, click on the link, and get it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. The interactive app is designed to allow baby to enjoy a good night's sleep. The app is also designed to work with the 3-step Bedtime Routine. The app also allows you to know your baby's sleep score through the basis of 5 key factor questions. This allows the app to recommend advice from sleep experts. The app also rewards the parents with stars to unlock extra hidden lullabies. The app also helps you track your babies sleep schedule, allowing the parent to see the progress of the challenge. Johnson's also knows no two babies sleep alike, but Johnson's 3-Step is clinically proven to help your little one fall asleep faster, and also stay asleep much longer.

Johnson's® 3-Step Bedtime® Routine:

Step 1: A warm bath with Johnson's Baby Bedtime bath. This allows baby to know sleep is coming, and soothe him into the next step.
Step 2: A soothing massage with Johnson's Baby Bedtime lotion. The scent of the lotion promotes baby to become relaxed and prepared for sleep.
Step 3: Quiet time. A mom can either read a soothing book to baby, or use the interactive Johnson's Bedtime Baby Sleep App to play a calming lullaby.

A consistent bedtime routine is crucial for both mama and baby to experience a good night's sleep. Do you know that at least 25% of all babies experience some type of sleep problem? A baby's sleep routine, and environment can contribute to a good night's sleep. Introducing Johnson's baby products into your child's bedtime routine can allow your little one to associate the scent and aromas with relaxing, calming, and happy thoughts. This brings me back to the app, which I love, because it reminds me when bath time, massage time, and quiet time is approaching. During bath time my phone would chime, and Shiloh and I prepared a nice warm bath together. I did this to help him prepare himself for bed, and enjoy the responsibility of doing tasks with mama. During the bath time the scent of lavender allowed his sillies to calm away. During massage time, Shiloh was already rubbing his eyes and soothing himself. During the 7-day Challenge, I changed up the quiet time. Some nights we read a book, and most nights he asked for "the baby song,"which is in the Johnson's® Bedtime App. The lullaby is actually called, Tonight We Sleep™. Johnson's® Tonight We Sleep™ lullaby was formulated to bring baby to sleep with sounds of mothers voice, tv static, forest animals, humming, womb sounds, heart beat, and the ocean. Did you know that a study found that 80% of babies exposed to white noise fell asleep, compared to 25% who were not exposed to white noise? Johnson's® Baby took this in mind when formulating their first lullaby grounded in science and crowd-sourced sounds from moms around the world. Using the lullaby to sooth Shiloh to sleep during quiet time is my savior.

After the 3rd day on the challenge, I started to see a difference in his sleep. He was waking up less, and was becoming easier to soothe to sleep. Not only was his routine changing, but mine as well. Because he was staying asleep for much longer, I was able to finish my nightly routine faster, and sleep more. This allowed me to be rested for wake up time- 7:00 am. I've been able to spend time with him without being super tired, and he's been way less cranky through the day. I have to say that I was perplexed to how this challenge would actually work, but my savior became the app, and the lullaby from above. Our new bedtime routine is here to stay, and so is our new favorite lullaby, Tonight We Sleep™.  Not only has the routine allowed him to sleep longer during the night, on the 7th day, we noticed he didn't wake up even once! He slept on his bed all through the night! Our little routine has become our bonding ritual. My son and I have become much closer, and because of the routine, he doesn't cry in the morning when I leave for work. It's like we both know that we always have our routine at the end of the day, and that's something great to look forward to. Quiet time with just me and my baby bear.

Johnson's® has studied more than 45,00 babies' sleep, has observed more than 300, 000 sleep sessions, and partnered with more than 30 experts- including sleep specialists and pediatricians. Johnson's also knows that the moments before bed are an opportunity to help baby wind down through quiet time activities. So, even if at first the steps seem like they are not going to work, keep on trying, and with the integration of the Johnson's® 3-Step Bedtime Routine, Johnson's® Baby Bedtime Products, Johnson's® Bedtime® Baby Sleep App, and the Tonight We Sleep™ Lullaby you can also achieve a good night's rest for your little one, and also for yourself.

For more information on the Johnson's® 3-step Bedtime® Routine, the Tonight We Sleep™ Lullaby, and Johnson's® line of bedtime products, visit

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JOHNSON’S® and Latina Blogger Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. So cute! I don’t have kidos, so I can’t really say what works unfortunately. I’ll pass this on to my friends who might find this useful though. But I still use their baby oil and baby powder ALL the time! Its so soothing for me.

    1. Thank you for reading and passing it on! I know their products are just amazing for babies and adults. :)


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