K Beauty

April 13, 2016

K Beauty

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you have seen my Korean beauty product obsession. It started a while back, about two years ago, when my sister and I stumbled upon face sheet masks in Marshalls. At first, we thought face sheet mask were something to wear once a week or once a month, but after playing around with it, and reading up on Korean skincare, we noticed they use face sheet mask everyday. So we basked in how many we had, because Marshalls sells them in small batches for like $2.99, compared to $1-8 a single sheet mask in another store. We wanted to spread the word so bad, we even included them in our XMAS gift bags to our girlfriends. We were so amazed at how great these face sheet mask worked. It's been an exiting journey to see the difference in our faces. It's more vibrant, softer, and less dull.

When we went to Marshalls to look for more sheet mask we came upon more Korean hidden gems. I came upon Laneige, Dr.Jart, Tony Moly, Holika Holika, and Mizon. It was more than just sheet masks! They have pore strips, balms to minimize pores (From our research, Koreans' are really into minimizing pores,) sleeping masks, brightening lotions, and much more. Last year, I started seeing it was becoming a trend, and got so excited to finally share some of my favorite K Beauty products. I also don't just buy them exclusively at Marshalls, because I have the tendency of spending more than I want in that heavenly store. I shop in Marshalls, Amazon, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, PeachandLily, and oo35mm. On Amazon, I can find a lot of my favorite products cheaper, and shipped in two days with Prime. I also shop on the PeachandLily website, because its the mecca for Korean Beauty. I also recently came upon Memebox, its like the Korean Birchbox. They curate specific boxes a month, or you can buy things seperatly. When I want the shopping experience, I either go to K-Town or Soho in Manhattan. 

So here are our top K Beauty Products:

Tony Moly Blackhead Steam Balm

When you use this, you want to wash your face first, and then rub on the area on you face affected by blackheads the most for 3 minutes. I used this on my nose, and set a timer, and kept rubbing it on my nose for 3 minutes, and then I washed it off. It's that easy! The balm is supposed to steam open the pores and clean out the dirt and old dead skin.

Tony Moly Tightening Cooling Pack

You use this after the Steam Balm. This egg pore is supposed to tighten the pores back down, and make them less visible. When applying to the specific area, you have to make sure to leave it on for at least 10-15 minutes. It feels kind of like clay when it drys on the nose, but you can really visibly see how it minimizes the pores.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright
I use this when removing my makeup, but before using my facial cleanser. I love it! It really removes a lot of the makeup and dirt before washing my face off with my cleanser. The combination of the rice water and oil is really soft on the skin, and really smooths and evens my skin. A must for anyone trying the 10-step Korean Skincare routine.

The Face Shop Bamboo Water Mist
I use this daily before using my moisturizer, and when I want to adjust my makeup. The mist helps keep my face matte and smooth. I also love the lightness of the mist. It really does control oiliness, and keeps the skin shine free, because its use is to control sebum build up- which is oil and dead skin build up.

The Face Shop Flash Pink Powder
I love this powder! I use it as a highlighter, and it definitely makes my skin beam with light. I pat some with the brush on the bridge of my nose, on the apple of my cheeks, and a little on my chin. I look like I'm glistening, but it's not overwhelming. A really great powder if you are looking for a new illuminator or highlighter.

The Face Shop BeBe Lip Mask
I use a lot of matte lipsticks recently, like every other person, but they really leave my skin lips overdry and cracked. I was in heaven when I came across this, because unlike a lip scrub, this is a mask for your lips. You leave it on for 10-20 minutes, and after you remove them you gently smooth on the rest of the liquid left, and you can see the transformation to baby soft lips instantly.

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream
This is a life saver! The cream is on the gel side, but perfect to repair skin and leave it extra moisturized. I use a light slab before I apply an extra moisturizer on top, and I have seen extensive repair in my skin in just two weeks. It has lightened dark spots, has made my face less dull, and I have broken out less. It also leaves the face moisturized, so I don't get dry patches around my nose like I usually do. It's really great for any skin type- oily, combination or sensitive.

Face Sheet Mask Galore
I have many sheet masks for many different problem areas. I have some to purify the skin, some that brighten the skin, or some that provide needed collagen. Each does their own specific magic to my skin. I do the 10 step Korean routine, and I put a sheet mask daily after my essence. Each one has qualities that are my favorite, so I can't really pick one that is my favorite. I do love the ones that have animals or graphics on them. They make photo ops extra cute! Each mask makes sure to smooth the skin, and provide specific things to illuminate, strengthen or tighten the pores/skin.

Hope you have enjoyed our top Korean Beauty product picks! Let us know if you try any in the comments below!



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