Our Top 3 Steps to a Healthy Vaginal Smell

May 25, 2016

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As a woman it seems we get the shit end of the stick when it comes to giving birth, getting our periods, and having smells that make us go "wtf!" Well, not all is bad! It's not like our vagina stinks all the time, but as we age and have babies, our bodies change and our pH balance can go out of whack. Literally anything can make it change the smell of your vagina. It can be something new you are eating, maybe a new sex partner, a new birth control, and also pregnancy/birth. Our bodies, and vagina are temples that we have to up keep, because it determines what smells and odors your body will expel.

After giving birth to my son, a few months after, I noticed my smell down there was way different from before. At first, I thought I had a yeast infection, but that wasn't it. The smell was musky, and just new to me. It turns out my pH balance was going crazy after I started on the birth control Mirena. A normal pH balance should be at a low 4.5, but mine was going wild. I was going crazy, because I'm a real clean freak with my vagina- not like I clean it with bleach or anything. I make sure to keep my vagina happy with sex, eating well, and cleaning it with vaginal safe products. I read about douching, and I've never douched in my life, and I wasn't going to, because I knew that would make the pH balance go crazier. So, I spoke with my sister, the other half of NYOMamas, and she told me to take probiotics and/or eat lots of greek yogurt. I liked knowing that other women went through the same thing. It made me feel better about my stank vagina. So, here are the top 3 ways I keep my vagina smelling so fresh and clean:

1. Probiotics- Make sure it has 25 Billion CFU or more. It's what would help your vagina from the inside. It works by helping your pH balance regulate from the inside, and it has a whole bunch of other amazing benefits. It's also really good on helping ease food digestion. Here's the one I use: Viva Labs Advanced Probiotics $19.95 on Amazon.

2. A tampon with 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil. I love Radha's Tea tree oil! I also love their Rose Hip oil, but that's a different post. I get it from Amazon, it's a pretty decent amount for $12. I usually use a regular or light tampon, and just use the dropper to drop 2-3 drops on the top of the tampon. You insert it into the vagina and leave it for 2-3 hours, and do this for 3-5 days. I promise that even if you don't have a smell it would leave your vagina feeling happy and refreshed. 

3. I wash my vagina daily, and at least twice a day. Things get moist and hot down there, and its best to keep it clean, but also let your vagina produce it's own good and bad bacteria. Because I take probiotics, and use the Tea Tree oil tampon method once a month, after my period. I make sure to just keep clean. I have a lot of extra soft cotton wash cloths I got from Target, and use Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Liquid soap to just wash the outside gently. 



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