Father's Day Gifts with Target

June 10, 2016

We went into Target the other day to pick up groceries, and like always we left with more then just groceries! I think everyone can relate to that when stepping into Target. While I was looking at which clothes in my cart I was going to try on, Shiloh came to me with these two items picked out and I was about to just cry and hug him to death. First of all, I'm like "when did you learn how to read?" In reality, his cousin helped him pick the hat, and he picked out the socks, because he could tell one was for "Dada" and one was for "Baby." 

If you wish to purchase these amazing and affordable Father's Day gifts you can find them online or in store. Here are the links for you:

Shiloh already gifted his Dad the hat, and will be giving the socks to him on Father's Day. I thought these two items would be just great for the kiddos to give to their Dad's. Now, what will I gift him for Father's Day?



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