Keeping Your Nursery Fresh with Munchkin's STEP™ Diaper Pail

June 8, 2016

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Munchkin and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions and text are all mine.

Currently, we are in the process of renovating our apartment, mostly sketch planning the kids room, changing our wooden floors, and updating the bathroom and kitchen. So, because of this, Shiloh is sharing some space with us in our room. We've tried to make him a special corner with things he loves, and make sure to keep it as neat as possible, because he's one of those "tidy in my own space, but a monster messy toddler in the living room." We had a diaper pail before, but decided to axe it because we wanted something that could easily fit the decor of the room, and fit his space in our room.

When we received the Munchkin STEP™ Diaper Pail, we instantly noticed how sleek and convertible the design is. It's not bulky looking like the diaper pail we had before. It's a great design that allows the little ones to dispose of diapers themselves and help Mama and Daddy. Also, can I rave about the wonderful aroma? When we had our diaper pail, we kept it for as long as we could, and then just gave up, because it never masked the smell of dirty diapers. The STEP™ Diaper Pail, is beyond amazing with smell. Every time you use the easy-to-step foot pedal and the top opens, a fresh aroma envelops the room. That in my book, makes it an amazing asset to any nursery and baby registry list. 

We tried incorporating the STEP™ Diaper Pail into Shiloh's corner, it fit perfectly and instantly updated the look, and has kept our room odor free. 

Click link if you wish to purchase Munchkin's STEP™Diaper Pail for yourself or for a friend's baby shower/gift. Trust me, it's the perfect fit for any room, and you won't regret the amazing aroma that masks dirty diapers.



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