Toothpaste for Kids

July 19, 2016

Kids Toothpaste

It's always hard knowing what your little one is going to like, especially when it comes to toothpaste. Introducing Shiloh to brushing his teeth was much easier than we expected, but toothpaste flavors were a different story. Mikey and Shiloh are 5 years apart, and when it comes to toothpaste flavors it definitely shows. Mikey prefers toothpaste that he feels really clean his teeth, and Shiloh likes the funky flavors like Strawberry or Bubblegum. So here, I will rate 3 toothpaste we tried for the 2 year old or 8 year old in your life.

1. Hello Naturally Friendly Kid's Toothpaste- We tried this one recently. Shiloh loved the bubblegum flavor, and says "makes my teeth super clean." We like that it prevents cavities and really does polish their teeth. We got a separate one for Shiloh that I tagged, it's fluoride free, and the one in the image is the one we use for Mikey. I really like the Hello brand for kids, because the products really polish and brighten the teeth, and we can actually understand what goes into the toothpaste.

2. Crest Kids- This is like the toothpaste I grew up in, and we decided to give it a go for both the kiddos. Shiloh did not like this toothpaste, it was "too spicy" for him. Even though the flavor was sparkly fun, and it was supposed to entice him, but it didn't. Mikey on the other hand loved this toothpaste, because he enjoyed that it felt like it was actually cleaning his teeth, instead of just tasting like strawberry or watermelon. So, this one is a definite yes for children over 5, but for 2 year olds, in our opinion was a no.

3. Tom's Natural Toothpaste- This is by far Shiloh's favorite one. It's Silly Strawberry flavor, and he really enjoyed the gentle flavor, and I love that its dye free and still prevents cavities. Its safe to say we stock up on Tom's for Shiloh. I really enjoy that it's truly natural, and has no sweeteners in the ingredients. Mikey on the other hand did not like the Tom's brand. He said it felt like he was brushing his teeth with nothing. (Insert gif of episode of Wife Swap where the boy brushes his teeth with butter.) So, our verdict is great for toddlers, but not so great for kids over 5.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and it helps with any toothpaste choosing dilemmas. Comment below with any toothpastes you have tried, and what you think about the ones we have tried!


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