Birthday Planning with Ink Cards

October 27, 2016

Everyone knows how frustrating planning a child's birthday party can be! Well, I'm planning Shiloh's 3rd birthday party, and I'm literally a mess. After months of trying to choose the right venue, Shiloh finally chose a place! It was great when we finally decided on a place he couldn't stop talking about, and now the fun started. I was able to start inviting people and actually get an official head count. I wanted to mail special invitations just in case some friends and family couldn't make it- the invite would be a keepsake. So, of course, I thought of my Ink Cards by Sincerely app. In just minutes, I chose a neutral theme for the invites- which they have many to choose from, added the sweetest picture of him, and finally the party details. I kid not, when I say I sent out 12 invites in less then 10 minutes on the app! They guarantee delivery in 2-7 days, which is fast, because they were shipped out Thursday the 20th, and I received the one I sent myself on Tuesday the 25th. Now, to finish packing the party favor bags and planning the rest of the activities at the venue. (Will reveal his birthday celebration in another post!)

If you want fast and beautiful invitation for birthday parties, or even cards to say Happy Birthday to a loved one, then you must download the Ink Cards app now! The app is available on both the App Store & Google Play Store.



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