Staycation at The Williamsburg Hotel

March 16, 2017

This year, the beau and I celebrated our 8th year anniversary. It was my turn this year to pick what to do for us, and I procrastinated super bad. I'm still adjusting to a work, trying to balance a 3 year old who loves to boss me around, and trying to maintain a healthy relationship with myself and my partner. So, obviously, it slightly slipped my mind about what our definite plan should be. I had so many things starred and in list, but nothing definite. However, as always, Hotel Tonight saved my life. We always opt for staycations for our anniversaries anyway, so it worked out beautifully. I was able to book The Williamsburg Hotel for two nights. My partner was all for it, because he's obsessed with Brooklyn, and he's been dying to explore Williamsburg. My favorite part of the booking app, Hotel Tonight, is that now it has an update where you can gain points, and even more hotel perks. I was able to get a hotel that accommodated the HT Pro, which is Hotel Tonight's concierge/planner service in the form of texting. It's absolutely so helpful! I was able to have Russ as my HT Pro, he was so amazingly helpful at finding the best spots for our anniversary, and also helping me plan a champagne toast for the beau and I. Russ gave us so many dining options in the area of Williamsburg we were in, and the one that definitely stood out was Sweet Chick. I had already heard so many amazing reviews, so, when I was able to enjoy it myself, I was in heaven. It was definitely one of the best anniversary plans to date. I can't wait to top it next year with the love of my life. I'm thinking Hotel Tonight in a different state for next year's anniversary, what do you guys think? and, which state should we choose?




*I know I haven't written in a while, but I will leave that for another post.

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